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A passion for music is what pushes both our artists and craftspeople forward into new ideas and inspiration.  Countless minds and hours go into creating each Eastman, however, it is only when an instrument is passed from our hands to our artists' that we feel we have honored our commitment to the craft and to music.

Artist - Julie Lyonn Lieberman
Artist - Chris Murphy
Artist - Ada Pasternak
Artist - Joe Kwon
Artist - Neyla Pekarek
Artist - Nisanne Howell
Artist - Ryan Joseph
Artist - Andrés Martín
Artist - Sean Mackin
Artist - Patrick Clark
Artist - Chuck Israels
Artist - Brandino
Artist - Simply Three
Artist - Charles Laux
Artist - Suzanne Santo
Artist - Rachelle Puccini
Artist - Ruth Kurtis
Artist - Edwin Livingston
Artist - Clark Chaffee
Artist - Jason Heath
Artist - Cielito De Jesus
Artist - Charlotte Moellering