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Navigate the technical demands of more advanced music with a cello up to the task.


Modeled after the best.

Our cellos are available in patterns created by three of the most celebrated makers of all time.

Known for projection, this traditional Italian pattern provides an even, well-rounded tone for any setting.

  • Length:750mm
  • Upper Width:352mm
  • Middle Width:243mm
  • Lower Width:443mm
  • Neck:280mm

Dark and assertive, this pattern fits a player looking for a more complex, earthy sound.

  • Length:752mm
  • Upper Width:355mm
  • Middle Width:241mm
  • Lower Width:449mm
  • Neck:280mm

This larger pattern is known for its warm and powerful sound.

  • Length:744mm
  • Upper Width:364mm
  • Middle Width:252mm
  • Lower Width:445mm
  • Neck:280mm

A cello that looks as good as it sounds.

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