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Suzuki Conference
Minneapolis, MN

Come visit our booth at the Suzuki Conference in Minneapolis! Special features include masterclasses with featured guest clinicians: Almita Vamos (Violin), Paul Ellison (Bass), Astrid Schween (Cello), Rebecca Albers (Viola), Lorna McGhee and Bart Feller (Flute), Paul Wirth (Piano), Benjamin Verdery (Guitar), Elizabeth White Clark (Harp), Yumi Kendall (Chamber Music) and Paul Leenhouts (Recorder).

This year’s conference will also include Organ, Trumpet, Voice, and—of course—Suzuki Early Childhood Education.

Featured workshop clinicians include Yumi Kendall (Positive Psychology), Jeremy Dittus (Dalcroze), Beatriz Ilari (IRSTE & Early Childhood). You can learn more information here: https://suzukiassociation.org/conference2020/

We hope to see you in Minnesota!